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Not able to upload more than 100MB video in cloudinary



  • Erwin Lukas


    For any file that's larger than 100MB, you need to upload in chunk.
    If you wish to implement your own chunk upload, please check the following article.

    In Vanilla JS, you can check the following JS Fiddle as POC on how to implement it:

    Hope that helps.

    Erwin Lukas

  • DMI

    Thanks for your quick response. That's made my work easy to achieve.
    Thanks once again highly appreciate your time :)

    Love to work with Cloudinary Support.
  • Erwin Lukas

    Glad to hear it :)

  • Tanay Raj

    Hey Erwin, but isn't the max size of video to be uploaded on Cloudinary is 100 mb for the free plan?

  • Aleksandar Kostadinov

    Hi Tanay,

    Yes, the current maximum video upload file size limit on the Free plan is indeed 100MB. Please note that while the upload_large method allows the upload of files larger than 100MB by chunking, any uploads in the account are subject to the file size limits of the account. You will be able to see those upload limits for image, video, raw files and further limits by going to the Settings -> Account tab and on the right-hand side checking the "Usage limits" section.


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