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A video different from Original video is getting displayed



  • Tamara Yulevich

    Hi Prashanth,

    Those seem to be three different videos (you can see they have different paths), and two of them are not hosted in Cloudinary. I think that might be something related to the way you embedded these URLs in your website, can you please check it? 

    Looking forward to your reply,


  • Prashanth Govindaraj

    Hi Tamara,

    2nd video in the initial thread is the original video which we uploaded to Cloudinary. (

    But when one of our user access it from mobile device, completely a different video is getting displayed as shown in the below video

    This is the recorded video from mobile to show the different video which is getting displayed and this link is accessible to anyone. Kindly refer this to see the different video that is getting displayed

  • Ranson

    Hey Prashanth, 

    For the recording of the issue, would you be able to show the URL that is loading? 

    If the URL of the video that is loading is the same, then this would likely have something to do with caching. I would suggest sending an invalidation request for the URL or using a versioned URL when rendering assets.

    Please let us know if you are able to retrieve the rendered URL or if you are able to successfully invalidate/use versioned versions of the asset to prevent previous versions from being rendered.


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